2018 – The Year of Positivity

As I make a sweeping generalisation of what I have witnessed thus far into 2018 (I may regret noting it down), I feel that people are trying to be more positive (it could be me) but on a whole I have noticed that people are being more honest about things (again – it could just be me). For me the year 2018 is for learning. I want to learn who I am, what my needs and wants are and what direction I want to be going in.

I want to be learning in my job, learning in my personal life and learning about our shared psychology.

My job might be static but my skills don’t have to be.

My one concern for this year is that graphic design itself is becoming saturated by people who ‘dabble’ in design. People who know how to use (vaguely know how to use) Illustrator or Photoshop, people who in my opinion are generally under trained and over enthusiastic. That in turn makes it more difficult for freelance designers like myself who are having to compete with low costs.

So, 2018, get learning, develop a new skill – add that string to your bow and get moving towards winning those tenders and scoring those clients.




  1. 1.
    the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude.
    “pupils draw power from the positivity of their teachers”
  2. 2.
    the presence rather than absence of a certain substance, condition, or feature.
    “the first biopsy specimen demonstrated positivity for cytokeratin”


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ItchyPalm: open all hours graphic design

ItchyPalm: open all ours graphic design – I am going to be lowering my freelance hours to just evenings and weekends (3 hours per evening and 7 hours on the weekends ) however my hourly charge will remain the same.

My hourly rate is £25 and my daily rate is £175 (equivalent to 7 working hours).

I am taking on projects for August, so please if you have work coming up then get in touch and lets chat and get it booked in.

Here’s a few things I could assist you in producing:

– Branding graphic design & development
– Logo design (Including current brand development)
– Business stationery (Business cards, letterheads & comp slips)
– Poster design
– Flyers / Leaflets graphic design
– Brochures (or booklets) graphic design
– Infographics (To print or use online) design
– Industrial diagrams (For products or equipment / machinery)
– Mailchimp e-shots campaign / template creation including images
– Website skins (I can also introduce you to a developer to help finish your website or amend it)
– Corporate literature such as guidebooks, manuals, service / data sheets
– Roller banners, exhibition stands & podiums (I can also organise print for these)
– Kinetic typography animation (Anything more complex I would need to consult an animator)
– Character design & rigging


Why not get in touch to see how I can help you develop your business identity, whether it be a logo design refresh or an infographic showing your latest stats or perhaps it could be an internal business poster explaining your business protocol. Whatever it may be I can help. Get in touch via email here.

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Instagram’s new* graphic design & branding


I personally think that Instagram’s new* branding and Logo design is far to up itself to really represent Instagram as a brand – the logo wasn’t broken – so why try and fix it. Perhaps the branding overall did need refreshing but we are talking about a brand and its logo.

In my opinion Instagram should have kept their original logo and worked on the ‘presence’ of the brand and vintage styling that they were originally going for.

Whats next?

The next thing for Instagram will be working out which direction they are going in, the brand itself now seems washed out and undefined. The brand is ‘vintage’ and was supposedly committed to creating a feeling of ‘old school’, ‘vintage’ real film for real cameras for its users whilst at the same time giving them high end tech. However what they are now presenting is not nearly ‘vintage’ wrapped in ‘modern’ over designed iconography. I believe that they will change the logo again within the next year – as part of an evolving brand system. From the outside this looks like part of a PR stunt to build the brand up not only in presence but also to start the process of a wider brand concept. Graphic Design will need to step up a gear in order to keep up with the ever changing worldwide brands that essentially direct tech evolution.

Below is some links I found whilst reviewing the Instagram Logo that might be of interest to you if you feel the way I feel about this hideous mistake made by one of the biggest social media brands of our lifetime:





Author: Charlotte Rotheram @thisisitchypalm / LinkedIn


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A 2 year Reflection

ItchyPalm has spent 2 years building contacts,
clients, cash-flow and an irrefutable reputation.


What were the early days like?

The early days were like pulling teeth, I was suffering from Depression, trying to make enough money to pay the rent and eat. But I kept going and learnt that hard work does pay off.


What was your vision when you started ItchyPalm?

Growth (personal and professional), financial independence, endless creative energy, freedom and being a boss.


How were you managing finances in that first year?

I spent on over-drafts, credit cards and family. They believed that I could pay them back, and so, so did I.


What advice would you give yourself in that first year?

I would advise myself to plan more for financial difficulties – as I think once you have organised your funds and legal shizzle – all you have to worry about is work and clients.


What’s your advice for bootstrapping small businesses?

I would say – persistence. Hard work, commitment and passion.


Charlotte Rotheram / CREATIVE DIRECTOR @ ItchyPalm 2o12-2104


Read a few more pieces of reflection from small business owners here

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The Future of Infographics


In the design industry we fight over infographics because it adheres to our creative nature – we dislike words and we love pictures. But what is it that makes a good info graphic and where is future of info graphics going?

The makings of a great infographic

Infographics are a way of communicating complex ideas, data and knowledge efficiently and accurately. They get to the point, grab the viewers attention using graphs, charts, icons, symbols and stylish illustrations. They also improve a website’s marketing by driving links, boosting traffic and increasing search engine optimisation.

This is a fantastic example of parallax scrolling infographics:
It not only has been designed with immense detail but it uses parallax scrolling design and uses it to create interactivity – this is where I believe the future of infographic design lies.

Here is another great example of interactive web based infographics:

Interactivity is where it is at, it is taking a while for interactive PDF’s to come to the forefront of everyday life, but before you know it – they will.

Further Links:


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