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Grocery Day_Animaton

http://vimeo.com/18664745 This is some really nice animation, very simple, to the point and has a very defined style and structure. Click here to find more animations from this animator: http://vimeo.com/tomrainford  

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Lose this child_animation

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVAZh8UGbxo&feature=player_embedded#!] I found this on cartoonbrew.com and was instantly transfixed, it has a certain creative beauty. I have always admired sand art, but this is a new level. It shows animation skill at the same time as introducing a level of attractiveness that appeals to many. Great little video from  Yuval & Merav Nathan,  Lose […]

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Fanastic Mr Fox_review

It has been a while since its release but I have only just got round to seeing it. It was definitely worth the wait, it is a fantastic film(no pun intended). I am a big fan of stop motion, but this took it to another level, it was established it upheld the romantic nature of […]

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Two very influential pieces of animation

These two animations to me are groundbreaking. Tim Burton, sinister as ever produced this stop motion in 1982 – over 25 years ago and it still resonates with me, it is completely timeless. The stop motion and voice work great together, the style of the animation is rich and cleverly portrayed through the characters facial […]

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In the attic who has a birthday today.

I had the chance to see this beautiful yet creepy piece of stop motion at my local cinema(Hyde Park Picture House  – http://www.hydeparkpicturehouse.co.uk/). It was absolutely fantastic, the story itself was enticing and the stop motion I just adored. I have seen a lot of different pieces of stop motion but this piece of  claymation […]

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