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Creating space.

This is another skill development piece I have created in After effects, using the plugin sure target. Again, it is not the biggest or most impressive thing to create but it is definitely worth learning about. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkegmSeEvHc]

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Sustainability in design

Sustainability in design, what is our affect on the world? And what have we done to it? There are many perspectives and many potential solutions. The throw away culture that we live in makes it harder and much more of a challenge to reach the customer/consumer. But as designers should we not embrace the challenge […]

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Snow Tags

Snow tags are a form of free advertising, using the natural world around us to our advantage. Here the TV channel Extreme Television have created a snow tag, they used it in a very uncontrolled manner. They placed the stamp anywhere and everywhere, the idea of a snow tag is great, but if it was […]

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