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Ethical issues_culture jamming

Culture jamming is described as taking an established brand and using its corporate identity to promote a different message, for instance a McDonald’s sign – changing what is says – it could be over the top of an existing piece of advertising or it be in place of that advertising. The point of culture jamming […]

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Two very influential pieces of animation

These two animations to me are groundbreaking. Tim Burton, sinister as ever produced this stop motion in 1982 – over 25 years ago and it still resonates with me, it is completely timeless. The stop motion and voice work great together, the style of the animation is rich and cleverly portrayed through the characters facial […]

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Ethics in Design

Ethics in design is an interesting subject, I recently started reading ‘Good: An Introduction to Ethics in Graphic Design’ by Lucienne Roberts. I am literally a few pages in and I already finding it truly inspiring. The ideas she bases on fact and history is amazing, she looks as religion and art, politics and philosophy. […]

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