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Advertising is a key focus for a lot of businesses and it is targeted way of gaining customers and a higher turnover. The results of any advertising can be monitored and proved to work. I design digital and print adverting, including newspaper adverts, full page magazine adverts and online gifs, banners and images. Example Advertising: […]

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Retrograde Academy

Trying to break into an industry can be tough – especially if you are lacking experience. Formed as a response to this, Retrograde Academy acknowledged the need to directly connect talented individuals to digital and creative industries. An engaging and concise introductory communication was required that explained how Retrograde Academy offers diverse training opportunities. This […]

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Technology in Motion

Technology in Motion is a highly experienced and respected provider of Orthotic treatments in the UK.  TiMband is just one of the corrective treatment technologies provided by Technology in Motion which specialises in cranial remoulding helmets for babies.  As part of this treatment, Orthotic Clinics provide parents with a Treatment Package containing key information for […]

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