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A 2 year Reflection

ItchyPalm has spent 2 years building contacts, clients, cash-flow and an irrefutable reputation.   What were the early days like? The early days were like pulling teeth, I was suffering from Depression, trying to make enough money to pay the rent and eat. But I kept going and learnt that hard work does pay off.   […]

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The Future of Infographics

In the design industry we fight over infographics because it adheres to our creative nature – we dislike words and we love pictures. But what is it that makes a good info graphic and where is future of info graphics going? The makings of a great infographic Infographics are a way of communicating complex ideas, […]

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We won the RSPCA Wakefield Re-Brand

We are very pleased to announce that ItchyPalm recently secured the new RSPCA Wakefield branch Re-Brand. The project will begin in the next couple of months and will go right up to the end of the year when the new building has been fully refurbished and the signage mounted. ItchyPalm will produce a full re-brand […]

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JEMS Re-Brand

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