How Itchypalm got its name.

Itchypalm is the name I chose back in 2012 to represent the work that I do. Sometimes I work alone on projects and sometimes I collaborate, delegate or look to others for advice. (Get more advice from my 7 Glorious brand name tips blog)

Therefore I use Itchypalm as an umbrella term for all work produced (including collaborations & workshops).

The first thing that people ask me (after they have stopped giggling) is – where did the name come from.

And honestly Itchypalm was in a long list of potential names, such as blue square, jelly etc.  But Itchypalm stuck. One of the best things about the name I have traded under since 2012 is that people remember it and I call that the hook.  

The name itself ‘Itchypalm’ comes from an old wives tale which describes the consequence of having itchy palms. The myth is that if your left palm is itchy, you are going to receive money and if the right palm is itchy, then you will have to spend money.

The myth resonated with me as a fantastic way to explain the process of business. Not only does it show money coming in, but it shows commitment to Itchypalm’s place within the economy and the passion for business growth (this is the right itchy palm) and essentially, putting money back into the industry.

In business you buy from one person and sell to the next – basic level. But business is about relationships, friendships and ultimately business growth. Working in collaboration or partnership with other creative companies, allows businesses to develop and grow.

So for me, and Itchypalm, the vision was to create a brand that respects its customers, a brand that believes and understands the true meaning of business.

Collaborations are key to independent business survival.

In order to grow your business and expand into the realms of your dreams, you have to share, share your knowledge, skills and time. We have recently partnered up with a full stack web development company called Nullstack. 


What does the collaboration of Itchypalm and Nullstack mean?

The collaboration of Itchypalm and Nullstack means the two companies exchange skills in order to provide both sets of customers the best full agency service.

More about Nullstack