Great piece of stop motion by Jeremy Abel, I have seen his stuff before but I really love this. There is something really organic about this piece, I believe it is not just stop motion that he has in fact used post production effects as well which I feel ruin it a little however still a great piece and I will be admiring it for quite some time.

A robot becoming a conductor, organising and creating all at the same time.

I am a huge stop motion fan and am always looking at what and how I can produce stop motion in new ways. We have the use of a camera, drawing each frame out but what else can we do? what other techniques can we use to bring motion/characters our imagination to life. Thats what I am interested in. For me bringing something to life is a very important thing when animating whether you are using stop motion, or 2D/3D or even drawing it out yourself. There needs to be a personality, an attitude and this little robot I feel has ambition and to give an animated character ambition is quite special.

Here is the link to  see the Robot Conductor: