The book ‘Its not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be.’ Is one of my favourite books, not only for its content but the way that content is displayed and organised. First the cover is pure, plain and simple highlighting the word ‘good’ because this is the whole point of the book itself; that you can be as good as you like. But because of the way that the front cover is you instantly know what the book is going to entail, the style and layout of the cover represents the way the whole book is laid out and so essentially you end up judging a book by its cover.

Inside the book is a wondrous amount of self help anecdotes to help you succeed, this book can be applied to any walk of life, but for me its the design industry. A lot of what is said in this book I live by, constantly questioning myself and others as to whether we are doing things in the right way or the wrong way and what the effects of these decisions may be. Looking at things from all angles as well as my own, knowing what I want and where I want to be helps me to focus my energy on getting there and succeeding. ‘Accentuate the positive’ and ‘Eliminate the negative’ is one of my favourites from this book; this helps me across all boards of my life, not just my career and designs. Looking at things from a positive point of view helps you to accept criticism and helps you to learn from your mistakes.

I believe confidence is a state of mind, and it can help you achieve everything you want in life as long as you do not confuse confidence with arrogance you will succeed.