Animation within branding and logo design has become a staple. Motion and moving image has become a way that companies introduce themselves to new audiences and new markets.

Animation and motion is a way of shortening content whilst retaining a high level of information to enable the audience to fully engage with the video.

A brand that is seen to have visual representation is seen to have a ‘higher authority’ status within a lot of industries. The Drum recently posted that ‘The concept of creating an animated logo is not where this needs to stop. It can be furthered into the branding itself. Companies can also create sharable animated elements such as stickers and GIF’s to promote their brand.’ [read the full article here]- I truly believe in this and that a brand should be designed to have its own personality within digital and motion.

Creative Bloq offer up 3 great examples of motion within branding, proving that the visual personality within motion is going strong. This article focuses on 1 of my favourite re-brands with motion at its heart – the Channel 4 re-brand.

Animation is not just the moving parts of the video, it is the transitions, the video stock, cutaways, brand personality and character integration.

As part of my services I provide clients with animated gifs, short brand videos and designed/rigged characters and character animation. Itchypalm is also partnered with Nullstack who provide a wide range of video content (as well as website design and seo development) – you can view their work here.

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