BrainPOP is a global educational resource designed to engage children with learning in classrooms and at home.  It explains the world through animated videos, educational games, interactive quizzes and on online activities. Available by subscription, resources can be accessed on smartphones, tablets and computers.

In 2014, BrainPOP will go through a process of brand development. As part of this, two posters were required; one for staff and one for students. The aim was to increase awareness of BrainPOP and introduce the new brand style

There were two key factors Itchypalm had to take into consideration when designing the posters.  Firstly, the new brand style had been designed to work in line with Windows 8 – therefore all resources, both on and offline needed to have the same look and feel.  Secondly, the posters were for two different audiences and therefore required differing approaches. The new posters for BrainPOP are currently displayed in staff rooms and school hallways across the UK.