I  love Infographics.

Below are 3 infographics that I have worked on with clients and agencies. I believe that infographics are a great way to give the customer small pieces of data, in theory –  encouraging brand interaction, product reviews, shares or visits your website.

For me, they act as a portal of ‘hidden information’ that most people never absorb because the data is so complex. So by simplifying it visually you can not only help people to interact with you and your brand more, but heck – you could teach them something too.

Use them to introduce people to your brand, build your customer relationships and build brand value/brand authority.

Forbes, last year posted an interesting article on infographics and whether they would still be relevant in 2017 and onwards. In my opinion infographics can only get better, bolder and braver with content. I believe that the future for infographics lies in mobile, currently the majority of infographics are viewed on desktops but we have seen massive leaps in mobile development and infographics need to come along for the ride.


Why do infographics work? Because 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual according to the report, and visuals are known to improve learning and retention by 400%. [read full article here]



Create an infographic to push the JLA brand as ‘authoritative’ and knowledgable. At the same time show a comparison of old technology and new technology.

Betty's & Taylors


Produce an infographic that encompasses Betty & Taylors’ employees ‘top level’ data to explain how the brand splits off into different markets.



Design an infographic to encourage SMEi’s customers/users to take the step and create an online presence for their salon.