Logo Design is a passion of mine. It starts at just a doodle with an idea attached. Next comes mood boards, market positioning and brand context.

I move onto developing a range of 6 initial concepts to be reviewed by the client.

From this we discuss the logo and brand details and development. Then I move onto a second round of 6 concepts followed by another round of feedback and polishing off the design and its associated assets.

Once this process is complete, I produce a small complimentary brand guideline page, this includes standard design details such as typography, colour, layout and any brand elements created during the Logo Design.

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Branding starts with a strong business strategy that is clear and concise. Branding can be represented through its attitude, its tone, its product and style.

Branding isn’t just about the Logo, the colour or the literature style.

Branding is how a company is represented to its customers and clients. It is how a company flows across multiple platforms to provide a consistent customer experience.

I can provide you with not only a Logo Design, but also help you create an enriched customer experience through your branding.

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Content creation is key to any brand. It can be anything from blog planning, image production, infographics, social images, brand assets, banners, icons, gifs, animations, emailers etc.

The price range for content creation can greatly vary. Not only do I provide ‘one off’ content creation pieces but I also work with some brands constantly supplying them with well tailored content that ultimately drives profit.

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Infographics are an important way that your brand can present its data, from customer base to products and information.

An infographic starts with a few key data points that are focused on the current brand or marketing strategy. Those data points are then taken and developed into a visual format.

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Animation within branding and logo design has become a staple. A brand that is seen to have visual representation is seen to have a ‘higher authority’ status within a lot of industries.

I can provide Logo animations, gifs, kinetic typography and basic character animation.

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UI and UX can be complicated but I aim to show my customers the benefit of introducing UI/UX principles into all sorts of designs. Making clients projects and products more user friendly and creating a higher ROI.

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