I have been a graphic designer since I was 18 (if you include Uni). I first started working in the industry in 2010 in a post production house in Leeds. Creating character designs, small animations and learning that a designer is a key cog inside of a creative hub. No matter what industry, a designer is always on hand to facilitate someone else’s thoughts and ideas. That’s what we do. We make other peoples ideas come true (mostly). We problem solve, adapt and survive (read my other blog about surviving the ‘everyone’s a designer’ movement).

Over the past few years I have researched, developed, lost the plot, regained the plot and took off on a many different tangents (not just in Graphic Design).

In general, businesses change and develop but my mental health issues have stopped me pushing  my own business as much as I would have liked.


Looking at the Industry in 2018

After looking at how the industry currently stands and where I fit in as a Graphic Designer, the world is my Lobster (I will explain*) and I should live the way I love and love the way I live. But what is it about working for myself that is so alluring. Honestly, I think it’s the freedom, creatively as well as ‘typical daily work structure’ no longer being restricted – its more flexible and ultimately better for my mental health allowing me the time and space I need.


A designer with Depression

It’s difficult being a creative with depression. It’s a true challenge of creativity and skill when I am at my lowest to produce some gobsmackingingly good work. I love that challenge. That’s what keeps me working. It is harder but much more rewarding.

The positives about this journey so far is that even though I have been somewhat absent of late, people have been open and supportive about the work I produce, confident to continue to brief me in on projects and follow it to completion.

Looking back on the work I have produced so far in my career makes me proud. Take a look at my portfolio and see what you think….

*Lobster reference – when we were younger, my mum used to say ‘The world is your Oyster’ – which is the normal reference but she started saying Lobster instead and it stuck.


Further Reading

I recently read a post from Creative Bloq about colour theory – its been something that has been talked about since the beginning of time. But its worth a read.