This trip was truly an inspiration. I was in awe of the amount of work that had gone into making a magical book into and even magical experience. I love seeing behind the scenes and learning the methods that they used to create the effects they did. #WBTourLondon

Whilst we walked round I couldn’t help but feel like a child again, reliving all of the old mental images I created when I had read them. It was incredible and I will be telling everyone about it (whenever I can). I love that I got to enjoy the Burrow and Hagrid’s Hut. I wish I could have got up close and personal with the set and props (but its not really allowed).

The only downside I found was that everything in the shop was expensive. I wanted a little gift for myself though and the Hogwarts Train Ticket was perfect at only £5 – especially that I got to actually go into the Hogwarts express.

If you are interested in visiting  visit there website and have a look at all the stuff you get to see.

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