I attended the Gadget show live and loved it. My little brother met Jason Bradbury and now talks to him on twitter ALL the time. Amazing, that bloke is so down to earth. Anyway back to what I was originally going to write about. FESTO. Now FESTO are an interesting company that not only produce geek technology but create technology that can be used to inspire and create a buzz of general amazement.

During the Gadget Show Live show FESTO had their floating/swimming giant penguins in the audience whilst we waited for the show to begin. They are free floating technology that basically swims through the air in the same way that penguins swim through water. One word. Amazing. These things stunned me, they were definitely the highlight for me.

Here are the floating penguins:

They also do a couple of similar products:

These products are inspired by nature, some may say that they have in fact copied nature, however it does not matter what people say about these things, you see one for real and it makes you question the reality we live in, they are so life like in movement it is astounding and I would have these at my events any day.

Just brilliant.