I had the chance to see this beautiful yet creepy piece of stop motion at my local cinema(Hyde Park Picture House  – http://www.hydeparkpicturehouse.co.uk/). It was absolutely fantastic, the story itself was enticing and the stop motion I just adored. I have seen a lot of different pieces of stop motion but this piece of  claymation was just astounding. Here is a link to watch the Trailer for yourself.


The textures and creative use of textures I really admired, makes you think a lot about how you could create exciting yet unique stop motion. The boat scene was a favorite for me. The use of the bin bags and the boat itself I thought was great. I would urge anyone that gets the chance to see this film. SEE IT.

This was supposed to be a kids short film, but it had my cowering in my seat whilst i watched it. It felt very real considering it was claymation. I fell into the story headfirst and loved every moment of it. Truly inspiring film.