In the design industry we fight over infographics because it adheres to our creative nature – we dislike words and we love pictures. But what is it that makes a good infographic and where is future of infographics going?

The makings of a great infographic

Infographics are a way of communicating complex ideas, data and knowledge efficiently and accurately. They get to the point, grab the viewers attention using graphs, charts, icons, symbols and stylish illustrations. They also improve a website’s marketing by driving links, boosting traffic and increasing search engine optimisation.

This is a fantastic example of parallax scrolling infographics:
It not only has been designed with immense detail but it uses parallax scrolling design and uses it to create interactivity – this is where I believe the future of infographic design lies.

Here is another great example of interactive web based infographics:
Interactivity is where it is at, it is taking a while for interactive PDF’s to come to the forefront of everyday life, but before you know it – they will.

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